The movie score is brilliant!
— Lestat horror

Music Composer for the winner of 2018 ‘Best slasher feature’ Skulle film Award: 420 Massacre

defoe composer 420 massacre dylan reynolds

420 Massacre

Directed by. Dylan Reynolds

In 2018 Angela Winter-Defoe’s score received rave reviews singling her music out in many articles.

“Making a score is really fun to me. I like the challenge and there are no rules so you really get to be extra free. It allows you to only focus on being effective in terms of moving the viewer. You get a chance to elevate the characters, and even hint or even trick the audience to thinking something else. I loved it.” says Defoe.

She was able to make the score in a few months while balancing family life. She is passionate about following your dream, and building your skills at what you are passionate about. “Even if you have to bounce your child on your lap with Mickey Mouse clubhouse in the background.” - Defoe

In an interview with Dylan Reynolds with Cult of Monster:

“I’m really proud of the soundtrack that came together for the film, and like with other aspects of 4/20 MASSACRE, we tried to “do something a little different” while still adhering to the traditions of 70s/80s exploitation cinema.  The score is by Angela Winter Defoe and she was actually my old neighbor at this apartment building in Hollywood: we were both night owls and I would be either writing or editing and at the same time she would be upstairs working on her music, which was this melodically beautiful yet “unsettling” experimental stuff.  It reminded me a lot of old Italian Giallo scores from the likes of Goblin and Ennio Morricone, so I was real excited about one day using her stuff in a horror film. And luckily it all came together for this project, and I think what she came up with was brilliant and unique – but you could also see it being used in a Grindhouse flick from the 70s.” - Dylan Reynolds (Director)

Soundtrack - Seriously, I’d buy this on vinyl
— Bloody disgusting
420 massacre defoe scored composer dylan
I know the importance of a great score, but its rarely I really enjoy it to the point where I notice every change. THE MOVIE SCORE IS FLAWLESS
— Horror Amino
Adding to the intensity of the attacks is the score by Angela Winter-Defoe who brings a layer of drama in what is mostly organic musical contribution
— Pop Geeks
The score was very unique and very inspired
— Horror Freak news

Defoe music engineer producer composer whatisdefoe

Co-Producer of the 2018 album "The Awakening" by THE RED JUMPSUIT APPARATUS

Featuring the Hit radio single “On Becoming Willing” which spent 12 weeks at #1 on BILLBOARDS: Christian Rock Radio Chart

Co-Producing THE RED JUMPSUIT APPARATUS’s “The Awakening” Really showed Defoe’s diversity. From vocal editing, guest singing, string arrangements and textured effects she was able to lift the songs but still keep the bands sound in mind.

“Ronnie and I always works very well together, it’s pretty cool to be able to work with you husband. He gave me full reign on the intro of ‘Fighting Everything’. It was fun creating a sonic scene scape of the inside of an airplane. I really got to over dramatize it, I even came up with an airline stewardess script and do a little acting. Trying to mimic a panic attack in the form of a plane disaster while ending on the right note for the next song was an exhilarating challenge” says Defoe.

With her ethereal voice at the end of ‘fighting everything’ angelic presence in the track ‘Saul to Paul’ and other tasteful places on the album, This was indeed a match in sonic heaven.